If you are looking to reduce or even eliminate Blepharitis completely, then you have come to the right place! Blepharitis treatment requires more than the standard ‘baby shampoo’ or lid cleansing techniques.

The blepharitis treatment guide is a three-pronged approach that attacks the root cause of blepharitis and helps to improve ocular health. If you want to alleviate sore eyes and eliminate red, inflamed eyelids then read on!

Omega 3’s and Flax seed oil are extremely helpful and very important in improving the health of our eyes. There have been several studies that show that Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce the symptoms of blepharitis and dry eye.

In a study involving, 32,000 women between the ages of 30-60, those with more omega-3 fatty acids in the diet were less likely to develop dry eye syndrome or blepeharitis compared to those who weren’t supplementing.

Omega 3 oils don’t only help prevent reoccurrence of blepharitis but can also help to treat and reduce the symptoms dramatically. Your eyes will become less inflamed and won’t feel as sore in the mornings. Flax seed oil is also highly recommended!


Forget using a damp cloth! The best method by far is to use a heated bag which contains grain, or flax seeds. Heated bags maintain their core temperature for longer; they provide a steady, continuous heat which is the one of the best treatments for blepharitis. The heat helps to unblock the oil glands – effectively melting the oil and allowing it to flow freely (the normal process for people without blepharitis). It also helps to loosen any debris which may be in the lashes and along the eyelid.

Your eyelids are delicate which is why scrubbing them with baby shampoo and bi-carb is not a good idea. It disrupts the PH levels of the eye and in many cases, actually makes the eyes sorer. They can also increase inflammation as the skin is damaged from using harsh cleansing products. The skin of the eyelid is one of the most delicate parts of the human body, and as such, requires gentle, PH balanced cleansing solution.

Blepharitis Treatment Regime

I spent over 2 years battling blepharitis. I have tried lubricating gels, eye drops. Time and time again, my doctor would recommend baby shampoo, or bicarbonate of soda solution. After exhausting every treatment available, I decided to try out my own regime.

The regime avoids any harsh chemicals and causes little disruption to the delicate eyelid area. Through trial and error I found an easy way to keep on top of my blepharitis. Although I am not cured, the treatment methods I have used has managed to significantly reduce my red, inflamed eyelids along with the gritty, sore feeling associated with blepharitis.

I no longer dread looking in the mirror in the morning to discover my red rimmed eyelids and bloodshot eyes have only got worse!

Step 1: Heat Treatment

Time: 15 mins
Heat up the bag in the microwave for 1 minute on full power. Find a comfortable place to lie or sit down and apply the bag to the eyelid area. Ensure you apply some pressure so that it remains in contact with the eyelids.

Remove the bag after 5 minutes and massage your eyelids, from the inside of your eye to the outside. CAUTION: Be extremely gently with the massage, you don’t want to damage the skin as this will cause further irritation to your blepharitis.

After massaging your eyelids, apply the bag again for a further 10 minutes. At this point you should begin to the feel the debris and oil melting. Your eyes will also feel more comfortable and that gritty feeling alleviated.

Once the ten minutes is up – remove the eye bag and massage your eyelids once again. This time you will feel the oil draining from the ducts in the eyelid – this is an excellent sign as unblocking your eyelid oil ducts is the first stage to clearing up blepharitis.

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Heat Treatment Summary:
1. Heat up the eyebag for 1 minute on full power
2. Apply to eyes for 5 minutes then massage eyelids.
3. Place eyebag on for another 10 minutes and then repeat the massage.

Step 2: Cleansing

The next part of treatment for blepharitis is cleansing the eyelids. Throw away the baby shampoo and avoid any other harsh cleaning solutions. The best product by far is the eye cleaning PH balance wipes.

Cleansing the eyelids will remove any debris lurking along the eyelid or matted to the eyelashes.

Once you have massaged your eyes, the next step is to cleanse immediately. Take one wipe and slide it across your eyelid from the inside to the outside. The key here is to be extremely gentle, don’t apply to much pressure, and definitely don’t scrub – this will only aggravate your sore, inflamed eyes further.

Clean both the upper and lower eyelid for both eyes. Once you have done this, splash, cold, filtered, or fresh water on your face and rinse your eyes, this will eliminate any residue left over from the wipes.

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Cleansing Treatment Summary:
1 Don’t use baby shampoo, bicarbonate of soda or any harsh cleaning solutions.
2. Wipe the eyes from the inside out – gently removing any debris
3. Splash eyes with cold water to eliminate and residue left over.

Repeat step 1 and 2 day and night. You should start seeing an improvement after week 1. It’s important you keep up the routine. Once you have eliminated the symptoms of blepharitis, you can then reduce the frequency to once a day.

Step 3: Supplements

Another area which I focused on when I was clearing up my blepharitis was my diet. I supplemented with Omega 3’s which are well known for improving the health of the eyes. I also used flax seed oil and green tea for its antioxidant properties.

I also maintained a healthy diet with plenty of water. Eliminating caffeine helped slightly, and make sure you get enough sleep. 6 hours or more is recommended.

If you are still struggling with your blepharitis after following the regime then contact me now.