I started this website after years of battling with blepharitis. I first contracted the ‘problem’ just after I turned 30. After putting up for months with unsightly red eyelids and sore eyes I finally decided to go the doctors. They diagnosed me with blepharitis, printed out a sheet on how to deal with it and sent me on my way. After following the treatment plan religiously for four months! I found that my eyes were still red, still sore and weren’t improving in the slightest. Once again, I was back in the waiting room, this time to see a ‘specialist’ and once again I was given the same advice – to follow the regime of cleansing with baby shampoo or bi-carb and ‘see how it goes’. Sound familiar?

Once again, I tried the regime, but with little, to no improvement. After waking up one morning, eyes redder than ever before I decided that enough-was-enough and would tackle the treatment of blepharitis head on.


I tried out hundreds of different products, alternative treatment methods and supplements in a bid to get rid of belpharitis – all with varying degrees of success. You can read about the products I tried here. Unfortunately, I never came across that ‘miracle’ cure and I still had symptoms of blepharitis – namely the red eyelids and sore, gritty eyes.

Still determined, I started reading articles online and numerous medical journals to try and uncover the best way to treat blepharitis. It became apparent that I needed to drop the baby shampoo and all the other cleansing solutions, eye drops and chemicals that were recommended by my doctor. The eye area is extremely sensitive and as such, required products which wouldn’t affect the PH balance or cause any further damage to the skin.

Once I began using a delicate PH balanced cleanser I found my eyes were less sore in the morning, and the red, inflamed eyelids began to reduce in severity. The other problem I needed to address was the heating method for treating blepharitis. Using a damp flannel or towel wasn’t working- not only does this breed bacteria itself, but it quickly lost its temperature and wasn’t hot enough to clear the oil glands and remove the debris. I then stumbled upon the eye bag which you simply pop in the microwave. They have flax seeds inside them which means that they keep their core temperature for longer= allowing you to effectively ‘melt’ the oil blockages which are the root cause of blepharitis.

Whilst trying to find out the best method of treatment for blepharitis, I came across a medical study which looked at the impact of diet on eye health. It was found that supplementing with Omega 3’s helped to reduce the symptoms of blepharitis and dry eye amongst women in their mid-30s. With this in mind, I popped online to find the best Omega 3 supplement around and put in an order for a month’s supply. I also adjusted my diet, dropping caffeine and drinking plenty of water and green-tea for its anti-oxidant properties.

My eyes now feel better than ever and I no longer have those unsightly, red eyelids. I still have to keep up the treatment regime to stay on top of things but no longer get any major flare ups. This site was designed to help people who suffer from blepharitis and are looking for a way to treat it once and for all.