lidcare eyelid hygiene systemWhen I first started searching for blepharitis treatment products I stumbled upon the lid-care hygiene system. Avoid this product – it claims to be a gentle cleanser but I found it just caused further irritation, exacerbating my blepharitis symptoms.

I discontinued using this product after two weeks as my eyelids looked even redder than before! I also found that it caused my eyes to become extremely bloodshot the morning after and remained sore throughout the day.
The plus side is that the product is cheap, and I still had plenty of solution left in the bottle, even after a few weeks.


In comparison to other blepharitis treatment products, I wouldn’t recommend the lid-care eyelid hygiene system. It continues too many preservatives, chemicals and my suspicion is, it wasn’t designed with blepharitis in mind.
As mentioned in my blepharitis treatment regime, I found that gently cleansers were more effective at reducing blepharitis symptoms.