EyeBag Review – Blepharitis Treatment Product

MGDRx Heated EyebagAfter spending months on end using hot flannels, and wet heat to try and alleviate the symptoms of blepharitis I decided to give the EyeBag a run for its money.

The product was designed and invented by one of the UK’s leading ophthalmic surgeons – who  came up with the concept of dry heat after spending years treating patients who  suffer from dry eye and blepharitis.

Using Heat to Relieve Blocked Glands

When the oil glands in the eyelid become blocked the oily substance which forms part of the tear film is reduced. The end result of this is inflamed eye lids and dry eyes or in other words blepharitis.

Heat works by unblocking the glands, allowing the oily substance to flow freely.

The downside I found when I was using hot, damp flannels was that not only did it not keep its temperature long enough for it to be effective but it was also extremely hard to sanitise without having to wash them after each and every use.

Quick and Easy To Use

The EyeBag has the advantage that it’s convenient – it takes about 1 minute in the microwave for it to heat up. It also keeps its core temperature (40 degrees) for longer allowing me to use it for up to 20 minutes at a time.

How long will it take for the treatment to work?

As mentioned in my blepharitis treatment guide, I use the EyeBag for 15 minutes.

Your eyes will feel better after one treatment. Prolonged use will reduce and eliminate the main symptoms of blepharitis. In my case, my eyes began to feel more comfortable around the two week mark; my red eyelids also became less inflamed.

Within a month, the majority of symptoms were relieved; this was, however, in conjunction with cleansing pads and supplements.


In order to continue seeing the benefits of the EyeBag I highly recommend you continue using it, even when your blepharitis symptoms aren’t visible.  Also remember to massage the eyes after use .

If you are looking for blepharitis treatment that works – consider the EyeBag.

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